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The Schleicher Leadership Programme (SFP) 2018/2019


For us, well-qualified staff are of the utmost importance and the key to human resources management. We promote this by means of our SFP SchleicherFührungsProgramm, a one-year training programme developed specially for our aspiring managers.

On 12th September 2018 we started what is now the 4th round of our programme for 7 participants with the first of 7 modules.

These modules offer tailor-made content for our managerial staff, focussing on the basics of business administration, leadership skills, quality management, modern production, applied HR supervision, time management and team leadership, whereby each participant is the spokesman for the organisation of one module. Each one is also supported throughout the year by an experienced mentor.

This exciting and instructive year ends with a final celebration where the participants are released into their day-to-day work to apply the sklills aquired.

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