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Springtime for Cyclists!


Since September last year, the staff at Schleicher Fahrzeugteile have been able to order dream bikes at attractive prices via the company: every member of our team can select the bike of their choice from an (online) dealer; the company then leases it as a company bike, assigning it to that member of staff – as a benefit in kind deducted from their salary (thus reducing taxable income)!

The offer covers all premium bicycles or e-bikes and all brands, which serve not only as company bikes but are also for private use; each member of our staff can even be assigned two bikes. As from 1st January 2020, only 0.25 % tax is levied on the list price for this non-cash benefit, meaning a considerable saving of up to 40 % in comparison with a normal purchase, depending on the employee’s personal situation. Schleicher Fahrzeugteile will also pay for the full maintenance service and insurance.

So roll on springtime, because cycling keeps you fit, is fun and clears your mind – and all this without traffic jams, cramped conditions and searching for parking. Many of our ‘Schleicher bikers’ are already using their dream bike to get to work, enjoying the sport, or using it in their free time.

˝We are delighted to be able to make our employees this attractive, convenient and modern offer for their greater mobility, promoting their fitness at the same time as reducing our carbon footprint and hence making an important collective contribution to environmental protection,˝ as our Managing Director, Stefan Schleicher, says (who recently joined our team of ‘Schleicher bikers’ with his new cargo bike)!


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