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Continuous Improvement in Environmental Protection


This year in July, Schleicher Fahrzeugteile was again awarded the ÖKOPROFIT certificate by the region of Bad-Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Starnberg and Weilheim-Schongau for their exemplary commitment to environmental protection at the Penzberg plant.

The aim of the ÖKOPROFIT programme run by this region is to improve our ecological performance at the same time as increasing profits. However, saving energy and climate protection are not finite projects – they constantly force us to redefine and adopt new measures. This is why Schleicher Fahrzeugteile participated with 14 other companies in a new round of this in-depth ÖKOPROFIT Club programme, searching even more intensively for ecological improvement and saving potential. We enjoy the support here of professional eco-consultants from Arqum GmbH: we identify the specific potential for saving in our own company and the appropriate measures for improvement, e.g. with respect to waste, storage of hazardous substances and energy. The first workshop took place in November 2016 and the focus then was on staff involvement in saving energy as well as on new developments in environmental laws and eco-management.

The environment, quality and energy are the three main pillars of the Schleicher Fahrzeugteile strategy.

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