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2020 ÖKOPROFIT award for combining eco and profit at our Penzberg plant


15 firms and organisations in the Starnberg and Bad Tölz/Wolfratshausen area again took part in this regional 2020 ÖKOPROFIT project – including Schleicher Fahrzeugteile, which has been part of this programme for almost 15 years now. Given the support of various workshops and the provision of comprehensive, targeted information, as organised by Arqum GmbH, we were able to improve our environmental and energy footprint, thus saving costs.

Under the leadership of Helmut Mair, responsible at our company for quality, environment and energy management, we were able to successfully implement several measures, such as the extension of our technical cooling system to include an open air cooling unit and a supplementary state-of-the art cooling compressor to replace existing inefficient cooling units, the installation of blinds on the south side of our plant to reduce summertime heat input to the workshops (and hence the amount of cooling required for the machines) as well as considerably improving the working environment in summer, and shifting and compacting work processes to new, and fewer, machines (enabled by deactivating older models with a negative energy footprint). Finally, we established the technical infrastructure required to ensure that internal meetings are now held as video conferences, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of commuting between our plants.

During the last two years, we were able to save approximately 110,000 kWh thermal power due to these various measures, in addition to a number of further savings in energy input and CO2 emissions.

All the measures implemented have resulted again this year in our being given an ÖKOPROFIT 2020 certificate in a virtual ceremony where the award followed welcoming speeches held by Stefan Frey (Commissioner for Starnberg) and Josef Niedermaier (Commissioner for Bad Tölz/Wolfratshausen).

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