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Our environmental protection concept

We leave a healthy environment for the following generations


It is by now a recognised fact that only a healthy environment will safeguard our existence and ultimately the continuation of mankind. Each and every one of us and every organisation, too, have to do their bit to protect the environment. And this applies to our company, as well. We are constantly striving to keep our energy management as balanced as possible and search for ways to reduce our use of energy.

Combustion engines produce emissions such as CO2, nitrogen oxides NOX, sulphur oxides SOX and other environmentally-harmful substances.  As an innovative manufacturer of camshafts, Schleicher Fahrzeugteile makes a pro-active contribution to improving systems in a way that renders the combustion process more efficient and sustainable. The following chapters are going to illustrate to you, how we are contributing to the gradual reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our contribution to the environment - through our products

  • Our products are used in fuel injection systems to generate high pressure. Through ever-increasing injection pressures the combustion process becomes more efficient. The fossil fuel is used more effectively. An equal performance output requires less fuel consumption.

  • Our products are used – amongst other areas – in marine diesel engines, which are still being operated using heavy fuel oil. But even here we are able to optimize the combustion process by designing ultra-precision “fuel injection cams”! Even under extremely difficult framework conditions we do our share by delivering environmentally-friendly solutions.

  • Our products are used in burning off the gases of wastewater treatment plants. The electricity thus generated is used to power the treatment plants’ pumps. The waste heat serves to heat the third stage of anaerobic digestion.

  • Our products are found in cars and sports cars with petrol engines. Through the variable engine timing of the camshafts, e.g. through Vanos adjustment of the intake camshafts or a valve stem actuator to switch from large to small valve stroke, fuel consumption is reduced. Harmful emissions are reduced due to optimized performance.

  • Our products are designed as continuous duty motors and achieve particularly long runtimes. As a result our end customers benefit from long service intervals. Schleicher Fahrzeugteile thus counters the contemporary trend of the “throw-away society”.

Our contribution to the environment - through our action

  • We use our resources such as energy, steel and operating materials thriftily and efficiently. Our modern circulation systems ensure low water consumption. The prevention of waste has priority before returning recovered materials to the loop. From top management to the entire workforce – everyone is committed to observing authority regulations and legal regulations.
Our environmental team works tirelessly to improve our environmental and energy record. We even win over machine manufacturers with our energy-saving ideas as regards to implementing special environmentally-friendly solutions. Building services and ventilation technology with heat recovery are another building block of our environmental record, which is also reflected in our low operating costs.
  • We have been certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems and have gained accreditation as a member of the Öko-Profit-Clubs Munich and Weilheim-Schongau (for the Penzberg facility).
  • During recent construction works at our company premises in Munich we were able to conserve the old oak trees that have been there for over 100 years. We have made good use of them by creating a recreation island for our employees, putting tables and benches right underneath these stately old trees.
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